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3d Hair Brush

3 d hair brush with pineapple 3 d paddle hair the unequaled brush for volume and projection, the pineapple is designed to give your hair look like in lilo stitch spring pineapple 3 d paddle hair brush.

3d Hair Brush Ball

This is an 3 d hair brush ball that you can use to brush your hair or straighten it out, it extends a small size 2 4 6 design and it is fabricated of plastic. It is manufactured to hold more than 100 brush noms, this new style exclusive disney bambi paddle hair brush is sterling for your 3 d hair style. It imparts a stylish abstract design and it is manufactured of high quality materials, this brush is practical for your 3 d hair style and it will make your hair look better than ever before. This hot styling brush is sensational for curling and it extends a full round form and is configured with a design, the bristles are and soft, making it terrific for curling and the large barber brush is top-rated for working with large sections of hair. The brush is durable and extends a comfortable design to ensure that users are able to have a smooth and clean cut, the brush is moreover soft to the touch and can be used for both short and long hair.