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Acrylic Hair Brush Holder

This is a cosmetic brush storage tube-pencil pen holder-hair accessories or it comes with a pen Holder and pencil pen, the brush Holder is produced of durable Acrylic and it is uncomplicated to use.

Acrylic Hair Brush Holder Ebay

This Acrylic hair brush Holder is sensational for holding your Acrylic paints and other tools of the trade! The detachable point is helpful when working with textured materials such as wood, the sturdy construction ensures that you will be able to keep your brush in terrific condition. It is fabricated of durable Acrylic wood and metal, the piece is with a special designed Acrylic bowl hair shaving brush set. This Holder makes it effortless to keep your brushes in fantastic condition, this is a brand new hand made boar bristle hair shaving brush for men. It is produced in the usa and is red, the diamond-shaped control numbers make it uncomplicated to determine what's in your hair (or hair space). The held hair is facile to brush against while you take your time desired look, the brightethyst-colored design is sure to turn heads, while the lustrous quality of the material makes it uncomplicated to keep your hairbrush searching good.