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Bachca Paris Hair Brush

This beautiful new hair brush from Paris is a first-class tool for detangling your hair - small and basic to use, it's in the same style as our other wooden brushes, and can be told when it's been used or abused.

Bachca Paris Hair Brush Amazon

This Paris hair brush is an unequaled tool for detangle your hair and smooth out the traveled path, with its soft, 998 oil fine bristles, it can easily clean your hair brush. This hair brush imparts a design with long, thin fingers that are able to detangle your hair, it as well made with long swaths of high-quality cloth, which is further able to clean the hair on your head. Plus, there are small eruptions of color on each side of the hair brush, which will help you to get a better view of your hair's situation, this round wooden hair brush is puissant for brushing your hair in the hair line and on the outside of your eyelashes. It imparts a Paris is a hair brush made of wooden with a long handle, it gives a small hole in the center for getting your hair to look better brush its length is for a long time. This wooden hair brush is an exceptional tool for detangling your hair, it is comfortable to adopt and makes detangling easier than ever.