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Bling Hair Brush

Introducing the new Bling hair brush! This detangling brush is filled with detangler hair and glitter to help keep your hair detangling smoothly, it's a top-of-the-heap addition to your Bling hair brush line of products.

Bling Hair Brush Walmart

This Bling hair brush renders many stylish wide teeth, making it splendid for detangling long hair, the detangling comb extends a powerful clap that is dandy for careening hair aside. and the psp provides a soft, rubber grip, making it straightforward to use, the Bling hair brush with Bling is a beneficial substitute to add a little bit of beauty to your hair game. With its black and silver finish, annie chrome cushion oval wet & dry brush is will make your highlights look even better, plus, the soft Bling texture will help to keep your hair hunting healthy and beautiful. This Bling hair brush imparts a new, modern detangling design, it is a white with a blue Bling on the handle. The handle is bling-covered making it effortless to control and keep your hair clean and free the brush is high quality, durable and big enough to work with all your hair types, the purple heart is emotion Bling and the rainbow background is ai rainbow. This brush is sensational for blowing out the hair on the head with a long episode of television.