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Dollar General Hair Brushes

Dollar General hair brushes is offering 2 new vintage ball-tip hair brushes models 07 and 08, these brushes are first-rate for starting out your hair game with our most generation of hair brushes. Whether you’re starting off with just a light weight ascot or a more significant head of hair, these brushes will be top-of-the-heap for working with your hair.

Dollar General Hair Brushes Amazon

This set contains: -two vintage ball-tip hair brushes -a brush -a cushion model this set includes: -vintage ball-tips hair brush -cushion brush -round brush -model 07 -model 08 the dollars General hair brushes are back and improved with the newest models, the brushes are round and the cushion models provide a better grip. The brushes are also machine-washable and hand-baselining kits include a human hair brush and a hair dryer, these brushes are made of 100% natural silk and are hand-blown. They have a light, soft, and non-irritating brush design, the balls are ball-tip brushes and are able to provide long-lasting hair waves.