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Folding Travel Hair Brush

This portable hair brush offers a fun wanting mirror in the handle that makes it enticing for travelling, it folds up to be basic to take with you and offers a few settings to choose from, including which direction to focus. The brush is additionally soft to the touch and good for keeping hair searching healthy and fluffy.

Foldable Hair Brush

The 3 pack Folding hair brush is unequaled for taking on your next trip, it comes with a mirror, to see on the occasion that brushing yourself wrong. If you're not sure how to take care of your hair, portable Folding hair brush is can help you learn from your mistakes, this Travel hair brush presents an 3 pack Folding hairbrush with mirror compact pocket size Travel car purse new design. It is a for shoppers who travel, it provides a small form factor and can be i have portable Travel hair comb brush is in my Travel bag. The brush provides a small mirror in the end of the cable so you can see if you look like or look like your head of hair, this is a foldable massage hair comb that you can use on your hair or skin. It imparts a high-quality design and can be used for a variety of purposes, this traveling brush comb is unequaled for holding all your hair's products in one place! It's lightweight and facile to move around, so you can stay organized and clean while on the go. The brush comb can also help with definition and hair volume, making it an ideal tool for small spaces.