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Goody Ouchless Hair Brush

This purple or pink hair brush imparts a different design on the front that makes it easier to control when brushing your hair, it is furthermore non-toxic and comes with a travel-sized brush.

Goody Hair Brush Ouchless

This cushion hair brush is practical for use with hair that is- often dry or found to be in a lot of damage, the soft, non-stick surface makes it basic to handle with. The new Goody Ouchless hair brush is an unrivaled surrogate to keep your hair digging healthy and soft, this brush is by a blue 88168 and it is fabricated of durable materials. It is able to brush mits certified hair and it also provides a flexible design that allows you to ensure that your hair is completely clean and smooth, this fun and easy-to-use brush gives a fun Ouchless shape that will make your hair look and feel great! The different colors make it an ideal tool for cleaning up your hair on the go. This little brush is excellent for getting your hair clean and t-zone healthy, it gives a rubber grip and is manufactured of soft nylon material.