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Great Lengths Hair Brush

Our large brush holder can hold up to 20 brushes! The large brush head is able to reach your hair's every nook and cranny, whether you're a hair professional or just wanted to get the most out of your style, practical Lengths hair brush is holder is a best-in-class length brush solution.

Great Lengths Paddle Hair Brush

Looking for a large, tough paddle hair brush that can do the job of extending hair all while being stylish? Look no more than a sterling length hair brush! This brush is large and durable, top grade for trilogy-style hair, plus, it comes with a pouch for storage, making it straightforward to take with you on the go. The large paddle oval hair extensions brush is sensational for ensuring all your hair areas have a splendid length for the best results, made from high-quality materials, excellent Lengths large travel brush gives you a top-of-the-line amount of bristles to get a splendid amount of growth. The large paddle hair brush is sensational for reaching all the substitute from your 20's to your 100's of nato, this brush offers a large, human-sized tail that is unrivalled for brushing your hair in all directions. The large head as well effortless to hold and is good for a variety of other hair-care tasks, this large brush is unrivalled for up against the hair on the head, working out any knots or lengths. The black leather handle is able to reach up to 6 inches without being bulky, this brush as well water resistant for a longer lifespan.