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Hair Brush Flask

Looking for asure-grip hair brush? Look no more than the hairbrush flask! This drink from the sure-to-be- dominate hairbrush company is now available as a Flask style too! Thisakura-sized bottle contains six ounces of sure-grip brush chat, making it a splendid alternative to keep your brush chat on the go, the handy alcohol beverage keeps your brush chat hidden from sight, while the handy whisky flavor makes it valuable for walks to the bars.

Hair Brush Secret Flask

This hair brush secret Flask is a first-rate surrogate to keep your booze out of the reach of your loved ones, it is 6 oz. and hidden in the form of a hair brush, get ready to smudge your drinks up and beyond anything your significant other can do. The smuggle your booze syb-brush hairbrush Flask is an unrivaled substitute to keep your alcohols in control while you drink, this hairbrush Flask presents a brush-like design that can be used to brush and lint. The hidden Flask also features a small, easy-to- Flask body, this funny hidden Flask is just what you need to get out of trouble and keep your place in life. The brush part of the Flask makes it uncomplicated to get at your hair and the green and black design on the top makes it effortless to see it from away, this is a top-grade brush Flask for boats with boat hair. It gives a blue anodized aluminum flash with a stainless steel anchor, this brush Flask is splendid for brushing your hair or wash hands with your hair in the flask.