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Hair Brush Sponge

This is an unique and unique tool for taking care of your dreads, the double side barber hair brush Sponge twist dreads coil afro curl wave new is produced of soft, luxurious fiber and can be used on both sides of dreads. It is a first-rate choice to keep your hair wanting healthy and shiny.

Magic Twist Hair Brush Sponge

This is a double side barber brush Sponge that locking afro curl Sponge will take care of your dreads! It also grants graphics team feel when you use it, this high-quality barber brush is top-rated for brushing out your Sponge hair or for curl formation. The two side waves are sure to leave your hair wanting and feel healthier, the double-sided wave design means that you can easily achieve the desired curl and dreads help to keep hair hunting healthy and straight. Looking for a tool to help you create curly hair dreads, coil wave, and afro curls? Big holes barber hair brush is will do the trick! The barber brush features an 2-double design with a locking afro curl Sponge and a dreads collection, this brazil-made hair brush Sponge is an updated and improved version of the original wave barber sponge. It's larger and more durable, but it works with same dimensions, it's double-sided and gives a rotundity twist and curl range. It's also got a dreads afro and coil locs for winding and setup curls, the comb is a little smaller but still provides a lot of life and curl to your hair.