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Mermaid Hair Brush

This hand-poured art hair brush is an unequaled pink Mermaid decoration! It renders a modern design, and is manufactured of durable materials, it is terrific for your next hair prevention job or personal decoration.

Best Mermaid Hair Brush

The wet brush is a terrific tool for detangler hair before baths, eric or hair care treatments, it is soft and coarse brush that means that it can detangle every type of hair. The detangler hair brush is in like manner small enough to not cause any pulling and also works well when using hot water, this is a hand-paint art hair brush blue Mermaid design. It is first-rate for dressing up your appearance or use as a hair brush for a harsher look, the Mermaid hair brush is a brush that detangle and smooth out hair. It is manufactured of soft, lightweight weave after-thought that doesn't damage or irritate the skin, what's more, its detangler content provides power to your hair. Whether needing to clean or styled her hair, the Mermaid hair brush is a must-have for any hair care routine, the Mermaid hair brush mirror is an unequaled alternative to keep your hair digging sensational while scouring in the right direction. The two brushes are made of soft, luxurious hair and with a realistic blue water droplet, the set includes an 2. 5" diameter mirror and 2, 1" diameter brush.