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Military Hair Brush

This Military hair brush is a must have for any man who wants to keep his hair scouring perfect, this brush is manufactured from high-quality wood handle with a bristle on one end and a hard round wood handle on the other. This brush is splendid for brushing your hair off your face or using while hair is wet.

Men's Military Hair Brush

The wave palm brush soft is a boar bristle hair curved Military s brush that is top-rated for large areas, it gives a soft, wet feel and a small, brush-like head. The brush is further soft to the touch, so it will leave your hair wanting and feeling weighty, this Military hair brush is a must-have for any Military style person. It renders a curved hard boar bristle wave design that is unrivaled for bristle control and waves, the wooden handle is again a practical for storage and travel. The torino pro wave brush 1060 is a soft oval palm Military brush that comes with a torino logo, it is manufactured of soft plush leather and provides a tortoise shelter design on one end. The brush is 9, 5" long and presents a tactile feel to it. It as well equipped with a torino-made handle, this Military brush is manufactured with a technology and features a durable hair brush to keep your hair scouring handsome in black. The handle is fabricated of wood and gives a durag man handle, this brush is sensational for making sure your hair is brushed evenly and the right amount.