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Pet Hair Brush

This is a 2side dog brush for shedding, dematting, pet grooming, cat hair undercoat rake comb. It is made of soft plush fabric and has a comfortable handle. It is available in black and brown.

Animal Hair Brush

There's a lot we don't know about the animal kingdom. We don't know their habitats, their ecology, their evolutionary history. We don't know anything about their family life, their classic carefree life at the beach, or their more difficult and stressful life in the wild. But we know a lot about their snails, animals, and respect!

Cat Hair Brush For Furniture

This one pair pet dog cat hair remover mitt massage brush deshedding grooming gloves is perfect for removing cat, dog or cat hair from furniture. The soft and smooth bristles will help you to take care of your furniture in a single move. this sleek and easy to use pet hairremover is perfect for removing pet hair from your home. The soft, non-sticky texture is great for sticking to clothes and the sound of the cloth shredded help keep dogs and cats attention long-term. This brush also comes with a cycle of charges so you can always have the dog or cat groomed inside and out. the rubber pet hair brush is a great tool for undercoating pet hair brushes with long hair. The tool can help to rake out the undercoat of hair on the hair of a dematting pet and deshedding pet. The tool also has a high ability todeshedding tool for pet hair grooming. the dog hair brush remover is a tool that can help clean your dog's and cat's hair from between their ears and down their hair to the ground. The brush is easy to use and is good for both pet and cat hair. It is also effective when there is build-up of hair on the ground, between your cat's legs or on the floor.