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Princess Hair Brush

The Princess hair brush is a must-have for any hair game, it grants a dry and soft texture that detangle and brighten the complexion. The detangler is a gentle, all-natural solution that helps to take care of clothes and hair, leaving you with a soft, smooth skin, the value set includes a mini detangler, a light-up brush, and a hair toner. This exclusive features are surely going to leave your friends and family in disbelief.

Princess Hair Brush Set

This Princess brush set is a fantastic way to keep your hair scouring young and fresh! The set includes a wet brush, detangler brush and barbie detangler mat, this set can be used even when there is only a little hair on your head, so you can keep your hair hunting healthy and beautiful. The disney Princess hair brush set is excellent for kid-sized detangler jobs, the set includes one wet brush and one dry brush. This set is good for both hair dryers and detangling, the set also includes a detangler brush and a hair type guard. The disney Princess hair brush is a limited edition hair brush that comes with a detangler head and mini detangler, this brush is top-of-the-line for detangling and conditioned hair. The Princess hair brush will keep your hair digging healthy and dry, while the design provides a brush handle.