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Safety First Baby Hair Brush

This new set of Safety First Baby hair brushes and combs is prime for babies who are constantly getting their hair done! The soft, comfortable brushes make it effortless to brush their hair or keep it healthy and happy, and the mickey mouse branding guarantees a good price.

Safety First Baby Hair Brush Amazon

This new set of Safety First Baby hair brush and comb sets is first-rate for minnie mouse, with her Safety First name, these brushes are designed to keep you and your child safe and healthy. The sets come with a comb, which is terrific for managing hair on your child's head and body, this set is fantastic for any disney Baby who loves to play with their hair. The brush and comb keep his or her hair smooth and clean, while the disney graphics make this is a fun and reclaimed-looking toy, this set of two Safety First Baby hair brush sets is excellent for straightforward grasping of baby's hair in the home. The sets also include a comb and brush, the sets come with a carrying case and credit card hologram on the front. This Safety First Baby hair brush is sensational for soothing baby's hair! The soft bristles will leave your Baby feeling soft and warm, computers and other electronics are not as risky anymore, and you can't leave your child unsupervised around machines.