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Tortoise Shell Hair Brush

This Tortoise Shell hair brush presents a professional digging design with a blue Tortoise Shell shader and a flat brown handle, it was made with high-quality materials to provide you with a high-quality product.

Tortoise Shell Hair Brush Walmart

The uppercut deluxe pocket comb is a fantastic choice for lovers with a small amount of hair, this comb renders a Tortoise Shell brown finish and is 1 pc combs. It is excellent for consisted of one or more the Tortoise Shell brown comb will keep your hair in place and scouring beautiful, this is a fantastic set for the those who enjoy badger shaving. The set includes a safety razor, a brush, a head of Tortoise Shell hair and a silver tip, the set also includes an 4-pack of gift kit items that will help make your badger shaving experience a bit more comfortable. This Tortoise Shell hair brush is a beautiful, vintage-inspired hair brush made of brown Tortoise with an art deco-inspired motif, it comes with a two-year warranty, and is anthropomorphic with a bit of a smart face on one side and a bit of short hair on the other. It's beneficial for brushing your hair through the ends, or onto the top and bottom of your hair, the Tortoise Shell hairbrush is splendid for brushing your hair or cleaning your brush before each use. This brush is produced of plastic and is detachable for straightforward cleaning.