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Travel Size Hair Brush

This travel size brush is perfect for when you need to brush your hair out after a day of exploring. It has a new mirror-off feature so you can go back to your ideal out of town trip. It's also compact so it's easy to take with you. Plus, the mirror-off feature keeps you organized.

Travel Size Round Hair Brush

If you're looking for a travel-sized hair brush, this one's for you! It's small and soft, and it's perfect for cleaning the hair on the top and sides of the head.

Hair Brush To Curl Hair

This styler is for men who want to curl their hair for a more looney toned look. It is also a great beard straightener and hot hair brush to use while styling. The styler is heatable and has a temperature control of 50 degrees fahrenheit to 40 degrees celsius which makes it perfect for straightening or curling pastries. this travel hair brush has the unique ability to create volumizing hair styles with just one use. The brush is effective and efficient, able to remove all the oil and hair product from a blow dry, without any harsh chemicals. the mason pearson pure bristle b4 pocket hair brush is perfect for dryers, where space is important. It has a soft, smooth feel and is made of durable materials. The brush is easy to hold and makes it easy to get to all the hair in your salon. the travel hot hair brush detangle is perfect for when your hair needs a bit more detangling attention. The detangle brush is smooth to the touch and made of plastic which makes it easy to avoid common issues with hair detangling.