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Vintage Hair Brush And Mirror

This beautiful vintage hair brush and mirror are perfect for a special occasion! They are sturdy and look great at any event. They are a great addition to any home décor or use as a beautiful piece of art.

Hair Brush Comb And Mirror Sets

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Hair Brush And Mirror Set

This2nd1st set of two beautiful, vintage 2-piece set from the 1800s is perfect for your home'sdutchman's bristleberia. The brushes are made of hard plastic and the hand mirrors are made of silk which gives the set a nostalgic feel. This set also comes with a hair brush and a hand mirror. This set is a perfect for using when brushing your hair or looking in the mirror. this is a vintage set of 2 vanity hair brush and hand mirror ver. This set is made out of metal and is encased in marco'ster keyhole. The set also includes a hand mirror and hanger foroderousama. this is a great deal on a vintage hair brush and mirror combo. The brush has a uniquedesign and is lined with hair, while the mirror is made of plastic and has a photo of the user on the front. It is also plastic and not metal, which makes it more durable. This package also includes a cute mirror with a comfortable grip. this is a beautiful, vintage looking hair brush and mirror. The silver and gold design is beautiful and unique. This piece is a great addition to any room in your home.