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Wooden Hair Brush With Boar Bristles

This Wooden hair brush is unequaled for blow drying your hair or using it as a light cleaner, it offers Boar Bristles for a strong, modern look and a durable structure.

Wooden Hair Brush With Boar Bristles Walmart

The Wooden hair brush set With the Boar Bristles is a sterling surrogate to keep your hair scouring good, the set includes a Wooden brush and comb, both of which are best for coarse and also fine hair. The Boar Bristles give the brush just the right amount of power to keep your hair digging healthy and beautiful, this Wooden hairbrush With Boar Bristles is a practical tool for your hair. It renders a large, natural Wooden handle and a sleek, Wooden paddle, the Bristles are natural, and they are terrific for earth-tone hair, hair With a light hold, or hair With hair. This brush is moreover excellent for use as a detangler or for use on the hair on the hairline, this Wooden hair brush is excellent for children who grove on to brush their hair With Boar bristles. The handle is fabricated of Wooden wood and the Boar Bristles itself is a fine bristled wood, this tool is additionally sensational for manual hair brushing on the hair around the temples, fronts of the ears, and back. Using as an addition to your regular brush set, the Boar Bristles will leave your hair wanting smooth, healthy and clear.